Latest Info: The Season is now in full swing. Review your games with each other and in HUDL, when possible. Go to the Rule Book or peers for answers on questions that arise in games. We will see you at the remaining meetings and have a great season!


Congrats to the 5A and A-6 State Championship crews...both crews did a great job on and off the field...thanks!

Working the 5A game between Mullen and Regis was  R-Jim Schoepflin, U-Bob Chappel, H-Tim Fitzgerald, L-Troy Carmann, and B-SteveMcFall.  With decent weather and a great crowd of over 15,000 which set the CHSAA record for games at Invesco, the crew work hard throughout the game which was won by Mullen 37-6

A-6 Idalia @ Fleming...the crew of Rob Jones, Roger Chaddick, Mike Eaton, Scott Amerman and Tim Kail work the high scoring70-36 game in favor of Idalia, in a howling wind that brought temperatures below freezing, but in a very intimate setting, this crew put on their running shoes and made the 6-man transition appear seemless.  We are proud of the great job they all did in representing DFOA...THANKS!!

2010 State Playoff Assignments:

  Date Home Away Stadium Time
Referee Umpire Head Lines Line Judge Back Judge
5A 4-Dec-10 Mullen - 1 Regis-2 Invesco 2:30 PM
Schoepflin Chappel Fitzgerald Carmann McFall
5A 28-Nov-10 Mullen - 1 Grandview-21 Legacy 1:00 PM
Cole McKenzie Sterns Thompson Bradvica
5A 28-Nov-10 Cherokee Trail-6 Regis-2 Regis  1:00 PM
Gillman Bader Luxner Thomason Czernicki
4A 28-Nov-10 Wheatridge-3 Dakota Ridge-7 Jeffco  1:00 PM
Schoepflin Chappel Fitzgerald Carmann McFall
5A 19-Nov-10 Mullen - 1 Chaparral - 8 Mullen - 0 7:00 PM
Klein Bader Thomason Bomgaars Richards
5A 19-Nov-10 Rangeview Grandview Rangeview - 0  6:00 PM
Czernicki Russell Luxner Thompson Lamantia
5A 19-Nov-10 Cherokee Trail Ralston Valley Legacy - 0 7:00 PM
Kramer Sauke Dwinell Weikle Glass
4A 19-Nov-10 Wheatridge Ponderosa Jeffco - 0 7:00 PM
Cole Matt Ederhoff Bollers Leeper
A-8 20-Nov-10 Caliche Norwood Caliche - 138 1:00 PM
Kelley Chavez Blogdett Sweet Juranek
A-8 20-Nov-10 Merino Hoehne Merino - 112 1:00 PM
Keller Alderidge Lawrence Andrews Bradvica
A-6 20-Nov-10 Fleming Idalia Fleming - 144 1:00 PM
Jones Chaddick Eaton Amerman Kail
WEEK 2 Referee Umpire Head Lines Line Judge Back Judge
5A 12-Nov-10 Cherry Creek - 17 Mullen - 1 Stutler Bowl 7:00 PM
Kramer Kramer Matt Rivera Whitty Burrow
5A 12-Nov-10 Grandview - 21 Colombine - 5 Legacy Stadium 7:00 PM
Rouse Rouse Marini Weikel Andrews McFall
5A 12-Nov-10 Regis - 2 Arapahoe - 15 Regis 7:00 PM
Cole Cole Chavez Stearns Bomgaars Bradvica
5A 11-Nov-10 Thunderridge - 22 Cherokee Trail - 6 Shea 7:00 PM
Klein Klein Bader Luxner Zamudio Lamantia
4A 12-Nov-10 Falcon - 8 Loveland - 9 Falcon 7:00 PM
Schoepflin Schoepflin Hall Dwinell Acheson Leeper
3A 13-Nov-10 Frederick - 8 Roosevelt - 9 Frederick 1:00 PM
Crockett Bollers Russell Whitehill Richards Schamber
3A 13-Nov-10 Mountain View - 3 Windsor - 14 Loveland 1:00 PM
Reichert Keller Antill, Don Reichert Carmann Glass
3A 13-Nov-10 Canon City - 6 Erie - 11 Canon City 1:00 PM
Pool Gilman Chappel Smith P. Thompson Kail
2A 13-Nov-10 Co Sprngs Christian - 6 Bayfield - 11 Co Sprngs Christian 1:00 PM
Pool Graham Letofsky, Mike Eaton Obrien Shald
1A 13-Nov-10 Lyons - 7 Hotchkiss - 2 Lyons 1:00 PM
Pool Bowman Chaddick Amerman Weber Ashbacher
A8 13-Nov-10 Elbert - 9 Caliche - 1 Elbert 1:00 PM
Pool Conklin McKenzie Janicki Lawrence Mills
5A 4-Nov-10 Bear Creek - 14 Gateway - 19 Jeffco 7:30 PM
Bowman Bowman Chappel Rivera Beltran T. Antill
5A 5-Nov-10 Cherokee Trail - 6 Legacy - 27 Legacy 7:00 PM
Pool Czernicki Matt J. Giardina Whitehill Shald
5A 5-Nov-10 Denver East - 16 Cherry Creek - 17 ACF 7:00 PM
Giardina Conklin Vollendorf Amerman Eaton Ogletree
5A 5-Nov-10 Rangeview - 4 Boulder - 29 APSS 6:00 PM
Graham Graham Chaddick Zehner Sweet Bonicelli
5A 5-Nov-10 Pomona - 12 Grandview - 21 NAAC 4:00 PM
Pool McKenzie McClallen Altman Lewis Bollers
5A 5-Nov-10 Highlands Ranch - 7 Fairview - 26 Shea 7:00 PM
Gilman Gilman Sterns Schamber Archuleta Ashbacher
5A 6-Nov-10 Arapahoe - 15 Denver South - 18 LPSS 1:00 PM
Oconnor Oconnor Propeck Kornmann Williams Juranek
1A 6-Nov-10 Wray - 1 Rocky Ford - 16 Wray 1:00 PM
Fitzgerald Sauke M. Letofsky Low Doerr Fitzgerald
1A 6-Nov-10 Rye - 5 Paonia - 12 Rye 1:00 PM
Kelley Kelley Schuster Reh Paolucci Mills
1A 6-Nov-10 Lyons - 7 Akron - 10 Lyons 1:00 PM
Keller Blodgett Alderidge Smithwick Janicki Kail
A8 6-Nov-10 Caliche - 1 Kiowa - 16 Caliche 1:00 PM
Pool Bravdica Wilkerson Samaniego Foster Whitty
A6 6-Nov-10 Idalia Cotopaxi Idalia 1:00 PM
Brouwer Jones Smith Brouwer  Albi Thompson
A8 29-Oct-10 Simla Kiowa Kiowa 7:00 PM
Pool Richards Cress Lewis McClellan Sald

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