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The DFOA and CFOA presents three awards...The Ben Gregory Award, The Terry Schiessler Award and The Hall of Fame: 

Ben Gregory Award 

The Ben Gregory award is given to a retired coach  who was a great facilitator of sportsmanship toward opponents as well as officials.
The coach shall be retired for two years. It was established in 1998.
Past recipients of the Ben Gregory award are:

  • 1998--Ben Gregory family (Montbello)
  • 1999--Herman Motz (Thomas Jefferson)
  • 2000--Dick Yates (Denver South, Kennedy)
  • 2001--Dominic Capra (Northglenn, Horizon, Legacy)
  • 2002--Sam Pagano (Fairview)
  • 2003--Bruce Abeyta, (Kennedy)
  • 2004--Tom Hinton (Ranum) & Bob Hinton (Hinkley)
  • 2007--Gary Klatt (Pomona)
  • 2008--Tim McDougal (Holy Family, Jefferson, Arvada West) 
  • 2009--Ed Stevens (Wheat Ridge, Chapparal)
  • 2010--Jim Bratten (Pomona, Arvada, Standley Lake)
  • 2011--JR McMillan (Brighton) and Don Albers (Thornton)
  • 2012--Mark Swalley (Denver Christian)
  • 2013--Bob Beaty (Evergreen, Chatfield)
  • 2014--Jamie Woodruff (Douglas County, Ponderosa)
  • 2015--Dave Hall (Aurora Central)
  • 2016--Ed Gurule (Denver West)
  • 2017--Steve Finesilver (George Washington)


Terry Schiessler Award  

This award was established in 1987 after Terry passed away.  Terry spent 30 years as an administrator, teacher, coach and sports official.  This award is given annually to a fellow DFOA. member.  The official shall have officiated at least 10 years .  It was first given in 1987.  There were no recipients in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 or 2012. 

Here are the winners in order: 

  • 1987--Bob Roy
  • 1988--Steve Usechek & Chuck Schiell
  • 1989--Ron Capra
  • 1990--Bob Meschko
  • 1991--Bud Schoepflin
  • 1992--Jim Schaeffer
  • 1993--Bill Cox, 1994--Bob Peck
  • 1995--Dr. Bob Pyle
  • 1996--Kent Payne
  • 1997--Dennis Markusson
  • 1998--Ron Scholes
  • 1999--Ed Lujan
  • 2000--Sam Molinaro
  • 2001--Larry Bonicelli
  • 2002--Steve Hall
  • 2003--Dave Bowman
  • 2004--Dave Hitchens
  • 2005--Steve Heuer
  • 2006--Mike St.Onge
  • 2009--Tony Giardina
  • 2013--Dan Weikle
  • 2014--Tim Fitzgerald
  • 2015--Sal Marini
  • 2016--Rick Rouse
  • 2017--Curt Brouwer

CFOA Hall of Fame 

Since 2002 some Denver area officials and contributors (C) inducted are:

Jim Dorsey (C), Ed McClure, Leslie Moore (C), Donnie Wilson, John Bradley, Bill Cox, Ron Scholes, Jim Schaefer, Charlie Flowers, Bud Schoepflin, John Desiato, and Bob Peck.  

In 2007, Neil Devlin (C), Ed Lujan, Jack Lynch, and Steve Usechek were inducted from Denver.  

No inductees in 2008.  

In 2009, Dave Beacom, Tom Fincken, Mike St.Onge and Ted Swan were inducted from Denver.  

No inductees in 2010, 2011 or 2012.  

In 2013, Rich Czernicki and Dwayne Klipple were inducted from Denver.


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