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2017 Mentor Training Groups

Beginning in 2017, the assignment process for the Varsity Draw has changed.  A Draw Manager is assigned by CHSAA to oversee the draw and assign games based on needs of the schools.  Because of this change, the old crews were no longer fitting the purpose.  Instead, a number of "Mentor Training Groups" are being created.  These will have some similarities to the old "crews", but with much more emphasis on the training and development of all the officials.  Previously, this was one of the goals of "crews", but the focus in past years has often been more on the "assignments" and "working together" aspect.

The groups are as follows (as of June 3, 2017).  Bold names are the group leads, the rest are in alphabetical order.

Jim Altman
Leonard Brown
Ryan Burrell
Lee Doerr
Les Gomez
Cornelius Johnson
Kyle Lester
Ed Moore
Josh Parsons
J.O. Williams

Jeff Bergstrom
Daniel Bixby
Jerry Boles
Leonard Brown
Kevin Chacon
Tony Giardina
Robert Murdock
Mike Rodriguez
Tim Ulibarri

Vince Bravdica
Jared Brooks
Bill Burns
Steve Burns
Lawrence Chavez
Patrick Mulstay
Dain Patterson
Damon Ware
Wes Whiteley

Curt Brouwer
Bruce Aldridge
Michael Bush
Troy Carmann
Mike Contreraz
Sergio Covarrubias
Pat Dowling
Mark Koenig
Dan Payne
Jeff Penney

Ben Dwinell
Don Bates
Chip Beckstrom
David Callahan
Bob Hercher
Jeff Kelly
Eric Kunze
Matt Mascarenas
Bill Percy
Richard Thomas

Tim Fitzgerald
Ken Beltran
Cory Berg
Bob Immig
John Johnson
John Juranek
Grant Price
Don Reh
Josh Ribera
Jim Smithwick

Dan Gilman
Jerry Haines
Russ Jacobs
Steve Kaiser
Tom Reynolds
Chris Stearns
Toby Stearns
Ryan Stevens
James Wasem

Christopher Hopkins
Todd Eakes
Jeremy Finn
Jennifer Hill
Doug Low
Chris Miller
Craig Mills
Angel Padilla
Wallie Weld

Mike Kelley
Buck Bartolik
Hank Cary
David Coffman
David Harris
Chris Oliver
Tony Ralston-Kerr
Scott Sheely
Jared Waterman

Pat Klein
Mike Bomgaars
Mike Degrave
Kody Ewart
Frank Lamantia
James Long
Bob Luxner
Scott Morrison
Mike Wright
Robert Zamudio

Karl Kramer
Sam Bairn
Keith Clements
Kittrick Davidson
Chuck Hickey
Gregory Howe
J.J. McLallen
Ernie Phillips
William Zakavec

Mike Letofsky
Donovan Briggans
Ben Brooke
Martin Escoto
Cary Fry
David Krier
Jerry Letofsky
Sean O'Brien
Scott Shald

Scott Lewis
Bobby Chainhalt
Jesse Crockett
Matt DeJong
Severin Goode
Larry Lempka
Steven Lillagore
Debra Schamber

Sal Marini
Joe Burke
Mark Campbell
Brian Catalfamo
Kerry Gordon
Bill Janicki
Jeff Owston
Aaron Punke
Jacob Starkovich

Kevin Palmer
Bryan Bayham
William Craft
Mike Donnellon
Garth Jax
Kevin Ritter
Phil Smith
Luis Villalobos
Jim Zehner

Joel Pogar
Patrick Beck
Kevin Brady
John Conklin
Tom Foster
Scott Macinnes
Scott Saucke
James Strohecker
Dale Velichkoff

Larry Richards
Bill Astor
Robert Blodgett
Carlos Dominick
Aaron Lackey
Chris Reichert
Michael Samaniego
Jon Schappacher
Stephen Whitman

Rick Rouse
Brandon Domnick
Steve Gaskins
Rich Iversen
George Lopez
Michael Marcus
Skeets Wessel
Ryan West
Mike Whetstone

Mark Usery
Cody Allenbrand
Mason Carter
Shannon Hartmann
David Hermosillo
Filbert Macias
Ashleigh Miller
Rob Scavo
Chad Weigelt

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the purpose of these groups?
The purpose of these groups is to continue to facilitate training and growth of all DFOA officials.  This will be accomplished via rules study, mechanics discussions, evaluations, film study, and, when possible, working games together.  In the latter case, much of this will be accomplished by working subvarsity games together.

It is also encouraged for members of these groups to work scrimmages together during the offseason.

Am I required to be part of a group?
No, being part of a group is not mandatory, and will not impact the draw.  However, all officials are encouraged to be part of one of these groups.  Additionally, the "test study session" that counts as a meeting credit will only count if done in conjunction with one of these groups.  If you want to be removed from a group, please let the group lead and the Area Directors know.

What if I want to be on a different group?
It is important for these groups to work that people are happy with their groups.  If you would like to be moved to a different group, please talk with the Area Directors, and we can work something out with you.

My name is not in any of the groups!  What can I do?
We tried to give every official in the DFOA an opportunity to be a part of one of the groups.  However, it's possible we missed a few names.  Please contact one of the Area Directors and we'll get you in a group!

I've been an official for awhile.  Will being in a group be beneficial?
YES!  All officials can benefit from continued growth and training.  Also, veteran officials who are part of these groups will have the opportunity to help the newer officials grow.

Will officials in these groups work Varsity games together?
While that is possible, it is not the goal of these groups.  The Draw Manager will be given the group lists, but there is no guarantee that they will be used for any assignments.
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