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New Officials Training (Mid-Season)

  • 14 Sep 2015
  • 5:30 PM
  • CHSAA - 14855 E. 2nd Avenue. Aurora, CO 80011
DFOA will be holding a SPECIAL One Night Rules Clinic on Monday, September 14th at 5:30pm at CHSAA located at 14855 E 2nd Ave in Aurora. This one night event is your entry into officiating football legally in the state of Colorado. What is meant by that is you will be registered with CHSAA as a football official, bringing you one step closer to working games at all levels.

The class will entail a thorough understanding of the definitions of the game and how to apply these definitions during an actual game. Knowledge of these definitions will propel you beyond a Saturday morning official with an understanding of the NFOA rules book, the same rules book used to officiate all levels of High School football.

You will need to attend this clinic to be considered by CHSAA to work Freshmen level games at the High School level. You will be insured, and educated, and be given an Arbiter ID so you can assign your own games around your own schedule.

Insurance and books cost for the 2015 season is $25 for this unique opportunity. For those that wish to advance into upper levels of officiating, you will be afforded a back door opportunity at the end of the season. There will be no test requirements for this level of officiating, however, you will leave this one day clinic with a thorough understanding of the definitions of the game and how to apply those definitions in a live game.

Contact Vince Bravdica ( for more information or to sign up.

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