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Week 5 - 2017 (Game Reports)

30 Sep 2017 11:10 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Game Reports:

Last weekend had an unusual amount of contentious incidents and the game report plays a critical role in those instances. First, the game report needs to come from the referee who is not only the official spokesman for the crew but is legally responsible for administration of the game and per Rule 1-1-6 is the final authority for all decisions pertaining to the game. No one really wants to start rejecting reports from non-refereeā€™s, but that ultimately may have to happen.

The game report is an official document. In rare cases it can be subpoenaed as evidence. More likely, it may need to be forwarded to a school for possible formal disciplinary action. Consequently, it needs to be professionally written. Please ask your referees to avoid slang, jokes, derogatory comments, flippant remarks and opinions. The report must stick to the facts. Actual quotes should be provided; sugarcoating vulgar language diminishes the impact of what occurred. If something occurred that is questionable or uncertain, that should be identified as such. We all appreciate free speech, so if someone feels the need to express their opinion, they can call you, Scott or myself and feel free to say whatever is on their mind. If appropriate, we expedite a resolution on an off line basis.

Writing a proper report is not overly complicated. It can be as simple as thinking ahead to the impression the CHSAA Commissioner or school principal who reads the report will have, By now, you should be thoroughly intrigued as to what prompted this note, so here are just a couple of actual examples of what is inappropriate.

"This turned out to be the game from hell!"


"So I dumped him."

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