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Week 10 - 2016

03 Nov 2016 10:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Please remember a holder must rise before passing or handing the ball. A team perfectly executed a trick play where a holder flipped the ball over his back to a moving teammate. The holder did not rise so the ball was immediately dead by rule (no foul). Unfortunately, the score was allowed. This type of play does not occur very often, but we have to be prepared for surprises.
  2. A foul for a low block was called when the blocker missed making contact. There is no foul for “attempting” to block low. To make matters worse, the coach was told the block was illegal because it was delayed. We want to communicate with coaches, but when they can disprove what we say with video, our credibility is endangered.
  3. In two separate games, the act of kicking was interpreted differently. The RB has overlapping coverage on kicking. In one game, a player who was tackled by the facemask, got up and kicked the opponent. A USC was called, but that is act of fighting (2-11). That player should have been ejected. In another game, a player kicked a ball in an opponent’s possession. That could be interpreted as kicking at an opponent and missing, which is included in the definition of fighting. Kicking (a loose ball) can be interpreted as delay (3-6-2f), a USC (9-5-1e) or an illegal kick (9-7-1).
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