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Week 9 - 2016

26 Oct 2016 12:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Game reports are an official business report and are kept on file. They must be professionally written with no flippant comments. Please do not put anything in the report that you don’t want either school to see. If your report needs follow up, CHSAA will forward the report to the Athletic Director. Jokes about coaches and payoffs are not appropriate.
  2. Other than using our mouth to blow the whistle and to announce and explain penalties, we really don’t need to use the mouth to officiate. This past week we had an official tell a coach to shut his mouth because he was wrong when the coach was right about a down error. In another game, a referee dismissed a coach’s complaint about a missed targeting call (video showed a blatant spear) by telling the coach “This isn’t soccer.”
  3. The distinction between USC and PF is still a problem. A player was ejected for two “USC” fouls: roughing the passer and targeting.

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