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Week 8 - 2016

18 Oct 2016 1:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Please do not allow coaches to talk to you about what they saw or may have seen on video. The response should be “I can look at it after the game.” There will be a policy on this soon.
  2. Some teams run a draw play where the QB puts the ball into the gut of RB and both players hold on to the ball with the RB leading. If the QB lets go of the ball beyond the line, it is illegal forward handing.
  3. Beware of swinging gates or double swinging gates on trys where there is no holder. There must be five linemen numbered 50-79 or the formation is illegal.
  4. Referees should not be shy to ask questions when unusual fouls are reported and they must not be hesitant to pick up flags when warranted. Holding and blocks in the back by the kicking team are highly suspect calls. The video review showed both acts were not worthy of a flag.
  5. A coach was told he could not take a head set to an on-field timeout huddle. The rule only prohibits players from using headsets; coaches can have them.

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