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Week 7 - 2016

12 Oct 2016 5:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. A head coach came out onto the field to argue a call and was properly flagged. While the referee was dealing with the head coach at the sideline, an assistant coach came onto the field to express his opinion and was properly flagged. Both coaches were then ejected because there two USC fouls on the coaching staff. Almost all fouls are charged to the individual violator and that includes these types of USC fouls. In this case, each coach accumulated one USC foul apiece and since neither was flagrant, no ejections were warranted.
  2. A referee flagged an inexperienced QB for taking too long in putting his knee down in victory formation. Apparently the team had never practiced it. If there is an awkward delay, simply blow the whistle and end the play.
  3. During a scrimmage kick, a foul by R was called for a block in the back on a gunner during the kick. The foul was considered to be non-PSK and the penalty was enforced from the previous spot allowing the kicking team to keep the ball. .The contact was either on the edge of the expanded neutral or beyond it. When in doubt, it’s a PSK foul. The rule requiring PSK fouls to be beyond the neutral zone is intended to exclude roughing the kicker or snapper, head slaps by defensive linemen and fouls in the backfield against blocking backs. Fouls involving gunners should be viewed as PSK unless irrefutably impossible.
  4. Haste makes waste; please slow down on penalty enforcement especially when there is more than one foul. There was an illegal shift by A (live-ball foul). After the play was over, the BJ reported “late hit on B.” The Referee interpreted it as a live-ball and offset the penalties instead of enforcing both fouls in the order of occurrence.
  5. Please be sensitive to close calls on first downs in tight games. What’s obvious to the officials may not be “obvious” to the coach on the short end and a measurement may serve political purposes. Once the ball is tossed to the umpire, it’s too late to measure.
  6. A USC foul was called on a player who took his helmet off on the field on his way to the team bench. While that is a foul under NCAA rules, it is not a HS rule.
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