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Week 6 - 2016

05 Oct 2016 10:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. An official denied players from standing on the field near the sideline while the trainers were attending to an injured player. This prohibition does not exist. In addition, if the Referee senses that the injured player will need more than 40 seconds to return to the sideline, the Referee is encouraged to send all players to the sideline for water and coaching.
  2. A coach requested a rule interpretation that resulted in a change in the penalty administration. After the crew reset the chains and brought the teams back on the field, the Head Coach asked the Referee if he was going to be charged a time-out. The Referee said yes, since the HC was speaking to his players while the chains were being reset.
  3. Trainers, statisticians (including spotters), and water persons (hydration specialists) are team attendants under Rule 9-8-1. Only coaches, players and team attendants are subject to unsportsmanlike conduct fouls. Any other person who acts in an unsporting manner should be referred to the game administrator and may be removed from the field.
  4. On Kick Catching Interference, don’t forget the third option of 15 yds from spot of foul. It is the most likely choice. The enforcement effect is just like a dead-ball foul because the down doesn’t get replayed.
  5. A referee passed on IG when a QB was spun by a defender and threw the ball far out of the back of the end zone without any receiver close by. This is totally a referee judgment call. If a QB is hit after he starts his throwing motion, the path of the ball is excused. If he starts the motion after being contacted, he is totally responsible for where the ball goes. Those two precepts work together. So if he is being spun around and as he throws, he is jerked again that could be excused if the referee judges he was making a honest effort to complete the pass. If the ball is just thrown over everyone, it is a foul.
  6. An official was accused of man-handling a player during a confrontation between players. It is not a good idea for officials to attempt to break up a fight. Please see the Fight Guidelines for Officials document.
  7. As time expired in the half, the runner crossed the goal line, but his team was flagged for holding. Because the covering knew the foul would negate the score, he correctly did not signal the touchdown. Both teams thought the half was over and left the field. Although the officials knew there should be an untimed down, they opted to not have the teams return to finish the half and simply disallowed the score. It would have made sense to finish the first half after the warm up period and then start the second half.
  8. On the first series of the second OT period, Team A scored a touchdown on at play when the defense was flagged for Illegal Participation. The penalty was declined by the officials and not enforced on the try.  It should have been allowed to be enforced
  9. Referees should be wary of surprise kicks. If it is not obvious a kick will be made treat the kicker as you would a passer for roughing purposes. The defense gets the benefit of doubt but cheap shots are flagged. “Running into” is not called in these situations.
  10. A coach was given a delay penalty because his team did not come out for the halftime until there was 1:00 remaining in the 3-min warm-up. The Rulesbook (9-8-1g3) states that an USC is actually the correct call charged to the coach if the team is not on the field by the end of the intermission period. Although not required, it is common for the officiating crew to assist the teams by informing the coaches that the intermission has ended. Unless the USC is deemed necessary by the Referee, attempts should be made to avoid it. If the team is not on the field prior to the end of the 3 minute warm-up period, an USC is certainly justified and warranted.

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